Global Aviation Center is pleased to offer an exciting new opportunity to our frequent flyer customers who already hold a private pilot license.  Our Gold Customer Program will offer a number of benefits to frequent flyers including:  

  • 24 Hour Access to Gold Customer Designated Aircraft & Our Pilot Lounge
  • Ability to Schedule Just 30 Minutes in Advance
  • Free Checkout in aircraft of your choice
  • No requirement for renters insurance
  • No Overnight Travel Charges
  • Reduced Daily Travel Minimums
  • Discounted rates on all aircraft
  • Gold Customer Hat

Gold Customers will be given priority for Gold Customer designated aircraft which initially will include:   

  • Cessna R182 (RG) equipped with Garmin 530
  • Cessna 172S equipped with Garmin G1000
  • Cessna 172M equipped with Garmin 430
  • Cessna 152

In addition to Gold Customer designated aircraft, Gold Customers will also have access to Global Aviation Center’s full fleet, thereby providing additional flying opportunities when Gold Customer aircraft are down for scheduled maintenance or a different aircraft is desired.  These additional aircraft include:

  • Cessna 182P equipped with Garmin 430 & 510
  • Cessna 172S equipped with Garmin G1000
  • Cessna 172N
  • Citabria 

Enjoy all of the benefits of the Gold Customer Program for a low monthly fee of $45/month and initial set up fee of $150.  For more information about the Gold Customer Program call us at 561-627-0037 or email


The terms and conditions of this offer are subject to change without notice at any time. Free Checkout is limited to one hour of aircraft time and one hour of instructor time for one aircraft per year.  Additional time, if required, for any given aircraft will be charged at regular rates.