During the process of learning more about flight training, you may have heard of different schools describe themselves as a “Part 61” school or a “Part 141” school. What does this mean?

Part 61 and Part 141 simply refer to the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) under which a particular school operates. Part 141 requires flight schools to follow a specified course syllabus, have more specific records requirements and provide classroom facilities. Part 61 requires less formal structure than Part 141. There is no requirement for a set ground or flight training schedule, thereby allowing a student’s training to be more easily adjusted to meet the needs of the particular student.

Whether you train under Part 61 or Part 141, you will be required to pass the same practical examination and checkride required by the Federal Aviation Administration. At SunQuest Aviation, we combine the best of both worlds. We operate as a Part 61 school, which allows us to tailor training to the specific needs of our students, but we also incorporate elements of Part 141 including stage checks at various points in your training to make sure you are progressing at an appropriate pace.

Our Director of Flight Operations and Chief Instructor Pilot, Lynn Penderville, has over 27 years of experience in training students both under Part 61 and Part 141. Lynn has dedicated her flying career to flight training and can help you to establish a training schedule to achieve your flying goals. Call her today.